School Dress

Dress. School uniform will be worn by all Students. School uniform will through GCES canteen may be utilized for supply of prescribed dresses. Following dresses will be worn by the students:

(1) Summer.

a. Ash colourshort (for boys).
b. Ash colour pleated skirt (for girls).
c. White half sleeve shirt with embroidered school monogram on the left chest pocket.
d. Fabric name tag to be worn on the shirt/skirt of the students.
e. Black belt (for boys & girls)
g. Black shoes.
h. White socks.

(2) Winter.

a. Ash colour trouser (for boys & girls).
b. White full sleeve shirt.
c. Fabric name tag
d. Fabric school monogram
e. Maroon full / half sleeve sweater (V Neck)